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Project Management

The Project Management Module is a tool used to plan, organize, and manage a package of projects. The module provides an opportunity to track the status of tasks, problems and view a graph of the progress of teams.

PPM is a portfolio of projects for effective management and ensuring the implementation of the strategic goals of the organization. PPM provides automation of project, task and order management processes, thereby improving time management.

Project portfolio management includes

• Maintaining projects and tasks: appointment of the executors, responsible persons and prioritization, attaching documentation, scheduling deadlines and tracking the execution time

• Monitoring of statuses and stages of projects / tasks / assignments

• Scheduling and accounting of actual performance

• Storage of documentation and history of changes for projects

• Output of the Gantt chart and a more simplified version of the Timeline, both by projects and by tasks

• Scheduling meetings, conferences and gatherings within the project.

• System of reminders and notifications: email, phone, instant messengers

• Accounting for labor costs for the execution of work in the context of projects, tasks, time

Construction Management

CMS is a huge complex of automated processes aimed at construction management.

With the help of the CMS, you can track the progress of the project by task. The built-in Timesheet will show at what stages the difficulties arise and who are responsible for individual tasks. The time for conducting an examination is reduced due to the automation of task management. Employees will be immediately notified of any errors identified, after which they are rectified and re-checked.

CMS provides operational work with documentation, due to digitization and online formation of documents. Online documentation allows you to quickly make amendments and always have an updated version of the document, also speeds up the approval process. It is possible to automatically generate the requested document, as well as extract documents.

Thanks to the CMS, the time for architectural work and design is reduced.

During the construction design phase, using Navisworks, collision detection is performed. This function reduces technical conflicts during direct construction, thereby reducing downtime, which means budget, labor and materials.

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Document Management System

Automated software solution  for organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks with your business files. The DMS is much more than just cloud storage. Because advanced document management systems handle the large amounts of paper flowing into your business for you, which provides to its user convenience. free time and peace of mind

Business Processes Management

BPMN allows to capture and document business processes of an organization in a clear and consistent way that ensures relevant stakeholders, such as, process owners and business users are involved in the process. Thus, the team can response to any issues identified in the processes more effectively. BPMN provide comprehensive and yet rich notations that can easily be understood by both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Business process modeling provides important benefits to companies and organizations such as the ones listed below.

  • An industry standard developed by the OMG consortium, a not-for-profit industry group

  • Provides businesses with the capability of defining and understanding their procedures through Business Process Diagrams

  • To provide a standard notation that is readily understandable by all business stakeholders

  • To bridge the communication gap that frequently occurs between business process design and implementation

  • Simple to learn yet powerful enough to depict the potential complexities of a business process

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Electronic invoicing and automatic tracking, this module allows you to create and send electronic invoices and receive payments.

Enterprise Asset Management

Equipment management - the module allows you to manage the life cycle of the company's equipment.


  • List of all assets of the company by states

  • Filter by asset type

  • Sort by priority

  • Output of operational data

  • Storage of equipment passport data, including characteristics

  • Appointment of responsible persons

  • Actual location of equipment

  • Creation of the plant structure

  • Filling in the completeness of assets

  • View attached Technological maps

  • Creation of a service request from the equipment card

  • Formation of a repair work log for each asset

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Maintenance Repair & Ovehaul

The MRO module provides:

  • Creation and storage of Technological maps of equipment by type of maintenance

    • Ongoing repairs

    • Overhaul

    • Preventive maintenance

  • Creation of the schedule of maintenance and repair

  • Prompt creation of a Request for repair in an emergency

  • Accounting for all MRO requests by type of maintenance

  • Creation of an Order for MRO and monitoring of performance

  • Formation of a permit for work - selection of the brigade's composition according to the requirements of the Techcard

  • Formation of a work order - setting deadlines

  • Reservation and request for the spare parts

  • Drafting the reports on the work done

Procure to Pay

Procure-to-pay (PTP)- Supply system management, a complete procurement system for enterprises from the purchase of goods to the payment. Allows you to automate the procurement processes and supply management.

  • Tender for the procurement and order processing
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Interaction planning
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of the contract terms
  • Logistics and delivery control
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Human Resources

Human Resources Management System is an automated human resource management product.

The product is a complex of independent modules, the main purpose of which is to manage and organize the effective work of personnel. The module is responsible for such functions as information support, HR management, staff equipment management, attendance control, access by zone and much more.

Key features:

• formation of an employee's passport, which contains contracts, documents, personal and work information, as well as insurance and medical information (medical card)

• management, accounting, control of wages, vacations, travel allowances, etc.

• management, accounting, control of labor discipline: time of attendance, delays, violations, penalties, briefings

• management, accounting, control of training and advanced training, including individual skills of employees

• management, accounting, control of daily medical examinations and annual professional examinations

• management, accounting, control over the equipment of employees: stationery, office equipment, furniture, etc.


Module features:

  • Content can be presented as - Infographic, Webpage, Presentation, Document, Video

  • Checking the assimilation of the educational material with the help of small tests

  • Appointment for attending courses, each employee receives a notification about the need to take a certain course

  • Training log that contains information on the courses taken by the employees, time and people in charge

  • In the settings, the person responsible for the advanced training of employees can set the planned completion date of the Course

  • In the "Participants" section, the employees who must complete the Course are marked.

  • The employee's passport displays a list of Courses that must be taken

  • A notification system is also configured

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