Virtual Production Platform





Akimat of Mangystau region 

Akimat of Aktau city 


IT solutions at any point in lifecycle of construction

Developing information and work collaboration tool to provide correct information to the right person at the right time

Common data environment and periodic update function create multiple versions of the project which allows to revive the required one

Digital copy of all of the documents with the ability to integrate with mobile devices. VR/AR, PC

Cloud based Common Data Environment can store central construction project information

Clash detection and 4D simulation allows to determine and fix project errors in time

Remote assistance and work monitoring application allows to report and check amount of work done in real time

A platform that can be integrated with any modern solution and information system

Web platform

A platform that can be integrated with any modern solution and information system

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List of Features

    Project Management
    Construction Management
    Document Management System
    Business Process Management
    Enterprise Asset Management
    Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
    Procure to Pay
    Human Resources


With all necessary information in lifecycle of factories, buildings and civil constructions

Digital model

  • 3D model and 2D technical drawings

  • Modeling automatization tools

  • VR/AR visualization

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Virtual Training

Virtual reality simulators to practice different emergency scenarios, to undergo safety briefings and to conduct a virtual tour in the digital model of the project

Remote Assistance

  • Access to video instructions before complex repair

  • Access to a technical documentation

  • Access to remote assistance and consultation

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Enterprise Architecture Development

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Enterprise architecture development is needed for improving company’s efficiencies and achieving business and IT alignment.

Enterprise architecture consists of:

  • Business architecture

  • Data architecture

  • Application architecture

  • Technology architecture

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