This video explains about the pivot view in odoo. In Pivot view, data can be represented as tables, a dynamic analysis matrix.

Pivot view repeatedly generates table dynamically, while changing the field or row or column. The user can select the row and column field to represent the table. Each time when a user changes the fields, it calls corresponding SQL queries and produces tables accordingly. So Pivot tables are called as dynamic analysis matrix.

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The pivot view is used to visualize aggregations as a pivot table. Its root element is 〈pivot〉 which can take the following attributes:

Set to True to remove table cell’s links to list view.

Set to true to display the Quantity column by default.

The name of the measure and the order (asc or desc) to use as default order in the view.

name (required)
the name of a field to use in the view. If used for grouping (rather than aggregating)

the name that will be used to display the field in the pivot view, overrides the default python String attribute of the field.

indicates whether the field should be used as a grouping criteria or as an aggregated value within a group. Possible values are:

row (default)
groups by the specified field, each group gets its own row.

creates column-wise groups

field to aggregate within a group

on date and datetime fields, groups by the specified interval (day, week, month, quarter or year) instead of grouping on the specific datetime (fixed second resolution) or date (fixed day resolution).

if true, the field will not appear either in the active measures nor in the selectable measures (useful for fields that do not make sense aggregated, such as fields in different units, e.g. € and $).

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