18-Tree View Decoration Attribute in odoo 13

Odoo Tree Views can take supplementary attributes to further customize their behavior:


allow changing the style of a row’s text based on the corresponding record’s attributes.

In this video, we will discuss how you can add colors to the tree view based on conditions.

Get the module from our repository: https://github.com/CybroOdoo/openacademy

As in the Odoo backend, we have a tree view for the listing of the records and a kanban view. The kanban view shows records as “cards”, midway between a list view and a non-editable form view.

In the list view, we have a default data grid table with rows and columns. if we have a requirement where we need to highlight certain rows in the list view based on certain conditions in the current model. We highlight the rows using colors.

The decorators that can be used are

decoration-it – ITALICS
decoration-bf – BOLD
decoration-danger – LIGHT RED
decoration-primary – LIGHT PURPLE
decoration-info – LIGHT BLUE
decoration-warning – LIGHT BROWN
decoration-muted – LIGHT GRAY
decoration-success – LIGHT GREEN

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